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About The Lenses

  • One-tone Colour Lenses: The single-colour design of our one-tone contact lenses allows for discreet colour changes and is best for people with lighter eyes.
  • Two-tone Colour Lenses: The dual-colour design of our two-tone contact lenses enable natural colour changes and make your eyes to appear larger. Suitable for light and dark eyes.
  • Three-tone Colour Lenses: The tri-colour design of our three-tone lenses gives you the most vivid colour changes to truly stand out.
  • Crazy Contact Lenses: For occasions that require a truly extraordinary look, our Crazy range is just what you need.

All our products are made from FDA-approved pigments to ensure your safety. Our lenses have the highest water content of any cosmetic colour contact lenses in the market today, giving you superior comfort.

Our contact lenses are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Our unique manufacturing process gives our contact lenses a much smoother surface than any other product on the market. If you’d like to find out more, please go to the contact us page and email us.

Our manufacturer is the only one in the world to apply this method of manufacturing.

Our contact lenses are tested and safe for up to 30 days of wear.

Coloureyes’ Contact Lens Specifications:

  • High Oxgyen Permeability
  • Hydrogel Material
  • High Water Content (58%)

Coloureyes’ Contact Lens Features:

  • Special thin-edge design provides maximum comfort
  • Colour pigment is enclosed within the lens
  • Aspheric base curvature offers an excellent fit
  • Unique free-formed lens surface keeps you feeling fresh even after long periods of use
  • Easy to insert and remove
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