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Black Contact Lenses

For a truly dramatic look, try Coloureyes’ black contact lenses. Our black lenses cover your entire natural eye colour and blend in with your pupil. Our Big Eye black contact lenses give you that funky, comic-inspired look.

Plain Black Contact Lenses
Big Eye Black Contact Lenses

Everyone will be lining up to look into your stunningly unique eyes when you wear our black contact lenses. Covering your entire natural eye colour, they blend with the pupil, leaving people captivated by your new look.

Approved by the FDA in the US and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia's regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices), our black contact lenses are of the highest possible quality. Wear them day or night for a super dramatic look that will leave a lasting impression.

Our black contact lenses are ideal for those who love lapping up all the attention.

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