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Coloured Contact Lenses

Turn any outfit from ho-hum to extraordinary with premium coloured contact lenses from Coloureyes. Whether you’re interested in subtly drawing attention to your features with an enhancement of your natural eye colour or you’re ready to experiment with an outrageous new look such as cat-eye lenses, we offer coloured contact lenses to suit any mood.

Our extensive selection of coloured contact lenses range from traditional favourites like blue and green coloured contact lenses to more daring choices such as purple coloured contact lenses. For special occasions we also offer a full range of crazy contact lenses, including disco eyes coloured contact lenses and big eye contact lenses.

All our coloured contact lenses contain FDA-approved pigments and are approved by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Our manufacturer’s special processes ensure that our coloured contact lenses have a significantly smoother surface than any other lenses on the market. Additionally, our lenses are made of a special hydrogel material and contain the highest water content (58%) of any cosmetic coloured contact lenses available today, ensuring long-lasting comfort. All of our coloured contact lenses are thoroughly tested and safe for up to 30 days of use.

The unique Spin-cast method employed in our manufacturing process ensures that our lens colours are particularly vibrant and that our coloured contact lenses are extremely safe and provide all day comfort.

Explore our huge selection of one-tone, two-tone, three-tone and crazy coloured contact lenses today and find out how Coloureyes can help you turn heads like never before.

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