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Disco Eyes

Perfect for clubbing, our Disco Eyes contact lenses illuminate under UV lights to make your eyes light up and glow. Make your next night out on the town unforgettable with Disco Eyes contact lenses.

Disco plain black
Disco plain white

Make your next night out on the town unforgettable with our disco eyes contact lenses. Available in black or white, they are perfect for clubbing. Illuminating under UV lights to ensure your eyes light up and glow on the dance floor.

Approved by the FDA in the US and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia's regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices) and of the highest possible quality, our disco eyes contact lenses have the highest water content of any cosmetic colour contact lenses in the market today giving you superior comfort.

People won't be able to take their eyes off you. So give your accessories the night off and let our funky disco eyes do all the taking at your next big event.

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