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Green Contact Lenses

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so add that air of mystery to your outfit with a pair of our green contact lenses.

Colourmaker Jade Green
Calaview Green
Colournova Green
Picasso Green
Azalea 1-tone Green
Azalea 2-tone Green
Azalea 3-tone Green

Choose from the light green of our Azalea 1-tone green contact lenses or the deep emerald of our Picasso green contacts and own that look today. Your new eye colour will never go unnoticed when you wear a pair of our incredible vivid green contact lenses. Green is a serene colour that adds definition to any skin tone. With your new green contacts you can mix and match eye shadows and eyeliner colour to enhance your new look.

The ideal choice for those who like to make an entrance. Approved by the FDA in the US and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia's regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices), our green contact lenses have the highest water content of any cosmetic colour contact lenses in the market today giving you superior comfort.

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