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Grey Contact Lenses

Create a soft natural look or a piercing steely gaze with grey contact lenses. Extremely flattering to most skin tones, grey contact lenses open up and brighten the eye area.

Colourmaker pearl
Calaview Grey
Colournova Grey
Picasso Grey
Azalea 1-Tone Grey
Azalea 2-Tone Grey
Azalea 3-Tone Grey

Our grey contact lenses give you that wispy, smoky appearance that adds the “WOW” factor to any outfit. If it’s a soft natural look or a piercing steely gaze you’re after then set your sights on our grey contact lenses to achieve that must have look.

Our grey contact lenses are approved by the FDA in the US and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia's regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices) and are of the highest possible quality. They have the highest water content of any cosmetic colour contact lenses in the market today giving you superior comfort.

Nothing says simply sophistication like our grey contact lenses.

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